With Raising Mothers & Satya Nelms

June 24 – June 30 


What does forgiveness look like?

How does it feel? What have you forgiven yourself for lately?

We’ll explore what happens when we release ourselves on paper, and in spirit.

Each day you will receive an affirmation and a prompt to explore different realms of forgiveness, either in your personal journal, or in our community using the private Slack channel created for this series.

We encourage you to choose the style of writing that speaks to you in the moment. There is no right or wrong way, only the way that best expresses your truth.
Show up for 30 minutes (or more) a day, and deep dive into this process with care and intention.

Raising Forgiveness Includes:

* 7 days of prompts that will explore forgiveness delivered to your inbox daily
* A private Slack group for sharing extra bits and having deeper discussions and sharing in community
* A downloadable PDF of the week’s prompts to keep

This class is now closed. Please check back for other offerings in the future.