Call for Work – Fiction
Senior Editor – Addie Tsai

Raising Mothers is now seeking submissions for Fiction/Short Story.

Please refer to main Submissions page for submission guidelines and policies. Please make sure to read all information carefully!

Flash Fiction: Up to 1000 words in length.
Short Story: Up to 4,000 words in length.
Excerpts from a Novel: Up to 4,000 words.

Speculative, traditional and experimental fiction are all welcome.

General Call:

Raising Mothers seeks fiction that speaks to the layered intricacies of parenthood from the perspective of the parent or of the child. We ask that fiction submissions explore and tackle the experience over the explanation.

What we seek in fiction is clear storylines and emotional impact, as well as strong characters and intentional language.

We ask that all work is proofread and edited before submission. Your submission should be what you feel is a completed edited piece, not your first draft.

Themes include but are not limited to:

– exploring the relationship (or lack of relationship) between parent and child
– Post-Partum Depression
– Abortion
– Pregnancy – the desire to be pregnant, the desire to NOT be pregnant, the experience of being pregnant for the first time, being pregnant multiple times, surprise pregnancy
experience, pregnant with twins or multiples, high-risk pregnancy experiences
– Teen Mother
– Single Mother
– the experience of becoming a mother at an older age
– Addiction/Alcoholism – being the parent or the child of someone who abuses alcohol or drugs
– Working Mothers – finding a balance, losing the balance, etc.
– Step-parenting
– Raising a child with special needs
– Being a mother or raising a child with disability
– POC adopting children of color
– Parenting as a cancer survivor
– Parenting with chronic illness
– Parenting and poverty – the implications of poverty, the overcoming of poverty, the experience and impact of poverty
– Endometriosis or any other difficult gynecological experience
– Seeking reproductive treatment, such as IUI, IVF, etc.
– Queer parenting and chosen family
– Birth control
– International adoption
– Raising a child overseas (expat/immigrant)
– Adoptee mothers
– Gender nonconforming parenting
– Stay at home BIPOC parents
– Unmothered/undermothered children
– Sharing custody with toxic parents
– Parenting while living with mental illness