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Meet Adrienne

Adrienne and Pearl. New Orleans, LA Who has informed your mothering and how? I feel that it’s an idea – the awareness of a truth – which has guided me most. In the early days of motherhood, I felt isolated, and this pleased me. I was content to be sequestered, secluded with my child in a sea of milk-stained blankets, languishing in one another’s arms. I would stare and marvel at her delicious perfection for hours, and I grew comfortable alone together as we were. I cloaked our world in a tight, tender swaddle. This veil of love was our refuge, and I came to learn that much of motherhood happens behind a curtain. Not just the simple business of at-home life, the preparations to venture into the wide world, the intricacies of your child’s particular personality, but rather even as we move through the world, our babies on our hips, we do so with a protective veil about us and our children. I didn’t know how true this was until I began to breathe …

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Our Stories Deserve So Much Attention I cannot stress enough just how vital I feel this space is. Putting in all these woman-hours is no easy feat though. A month ago I created a Patreon account for Raising Mothers in an effort to help support the upkeep of the site, the writers (and eventually illustrators and photographers). This is very much our space as much as it is solely mine. It is my plan to grow this space to be a robust and fully engaged community. I want to be a platform for voices that are marginalized or silenced and any bit helps. Below I’ve included my spiel on my Patreon account but I am also including a link to my PayPal. [themify_button style=”large purple rounded” color=”#843179″ link=”https://www.patreon.com/raisingmothers” text=”#FFFFFF” target=”_blank” ]Support monthly via Patreon[/themify_button] [themify_button style=”large purple rounded ” color=”#843179″ link=”https://www.paypal.me/SherisadGRM” text=”#FFFFFF” target=”_blank” ]Support Once via PayPal[/themify_button] Raising Mothers is made possible by a rotating host of amazing writers that have been gracious to lend their words to my mission. I’ve featured stories on miscarriage, aging, co-parenting, adoption. We’ve interviewed preemie mothers, mothers …

My New Kitchen

I loved to watch my mother slice apples for pies. I don’t think I knew then that she made them for us. I saw it as tradition – standard practice at holidays – but we had grown used to them, so she kept up the work. I would watch as she drew the blade through the fruit, juice trickling across her knuckles. Pulling the edge towards her thumb, but never slicing the skin. This magic trick was the stuff of mother’s and I longed to be so grown.