Raising Mothers is a literary magazine for parenting femmes of color that exists at the intersection of art, scholarship, and community. We aim to elevate our voices, share our stories, talk about our issues, represent our culture, cultivate community, preserve our history, and celebrate our joy.

Becoming a parent is a time of redefinition. There is an endless supply of websites targeted at how to raise children from birth until they leave the nest. Few, if any, focus on raising us. Fewer still, pay any attention to mothers of color. The days of having a community of women, elders especially, aren’t a reality for many of us anymore. So we are here, as a collective voice to raise one another up.

Our mission is simple: create a community in our own image. 

Raising Mothers publishes personal essays, illustrated narrative, in-depth interviews and creative writing, honoring both parenting and personhood.

We actively seek out and support work by and about those often marginalized in the literary conversation, including people of color and gender non-conformists, and members of the LGBTQIA and differently abled communities. We continually aim to represent all walks of life and every stage of parenting.

Sherisa de Groot

Sherisa de Groot  ·  Founding Editor 

Sherisa de Groot is a writer and editor originally from Brooklyn, NY. She writes short stories and essays primarily revolving around race, motherhood, identity and place. She lives in Amsterdam, NL with her family.