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Breastfeeding is the tits! Or at least that’s what they say…

1_Raising Mothers_LisaLim 2_PumpPump_Raising Mothers 3_Nipples_Raising Mothers 4_Flange_Raising Mothers 5_Guinness_Raising Mothers 6_Easychair_Raising Mothers 7_Breastwhisperer_Raising Mothers 8_Similac_Raising Mothers 9_Hallelujah_Raising Mothers 10_Sucker_Raising Mothers

Lisa Lim is both an artist and a writer. Her art and fiction have appeared in Guernica Magazine, Nashville Review, Pank, and Mutha Magazine. Find more of her storytelling at

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*This comic originally appeared on Mutha Magazine and is reprinted with permission.*

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