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The Tide

A yawning, mawing emptiness that lies inside her without rest
That pulls away at every thread, that leaves her sick and full of dread.

With every step she takes in life, through love and loss, through pain and strife,
she yearns to fill the void inside, to plant herself before the tide.

The man she sleeps beside in bed with charming words and roses red.
Though patient much, he cannot win. He cannot touch the depth within.

The boy and girl, her love runs deep and yet they fail to see her weep.
They fail to see the beating drum that beats inside their loving mum.

And though the hugs and kisses leave a feel of warmth, a small reprieve,
the tide is never far away for happy feelings never stay.

The friend will always save her seat to laugh and rant each time they meet.
The darkness then is kept at bay, the tide receding for a day.

But as her confidence will dip, her lovely smile leaves her lip.
The hollow feeling makes her trip and tears her slowly, rip by rip.

Her aging parents see her heart, the seams that slowly tear apart
Her soul inside, her source of light, her will to live, her will to fight.

With every passing day she stands upon the beach of wind and sand,
the tide rolls angry over her. It pulls her down, demanding more.

Entrapped inside the tide’s embrace, her eyes closed tightly in the space.
The waves attack her every pore to fuel the heartache in her core.

And on that beach, a day may come. A feeble wish to overcome
Instead of drowning in her lies. She seeks to look through open eyes.

Her eyes will fall upon the face reflected in a shallow place
That shows her what she truly is, that shows the woman deep within.

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