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‘Cuz when doctors get it wrong
You don’t get the chance
To change the gender reveal.

Introducing You
Was the best lesson for me
To stop my bullshit.

Your father left us
‘Cuz sex trumped identity
This life ain’t for All.

I’d kept your secret
But in secret I held shame
No more silencing.

Ev’ryone has both
In the beginning of life
So why you trippin’?

I’m strictly dickly
But I check out boobz and azz
It’s about the art.

Labels and jargon
Ev’ry day changes to suit
How we can fit in.

‘Cuz how you do it
Don’t really matter to me
‘Cuz I’m kinky, too.

I mourned losing her
Obsessed failing yesterday
When you were right there.

No one prepares you
For the hate you will receive
In the name of God.

Call me what you will
If it makes you feel better
I’m that relevant.

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mothasistah is a black womxn extro-introvert, mother, sistah, follower, leader, blaq people appreciator - and too many more flavors to mention! After 25 years of teaching, she is following her first passion in communicating through hard-love wordology and speaking louder on equity imbalances that plague our BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.