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Waiting for Cosmos | Li Yun Alvarado

The year you were born
five planets aligned

in the night sky
before dawn:

Jupiter Mars Saturn Venus Mercury

Cosmic friends greeting
your parents en la aurora.


Nausea is a creaking floor:
familiar unease. Dr. Husband

warns against non pasteurized
cold pressed juice, washes
dishes, spares me from


My pregnant body. Unglamorous.
Sacred temple of growing shit.

This little embryo is the size of
sesame seed, orange seed, or red lentil –

depending the app. My poop reveals only this:

drink more water.



You are
stars &
I am

into the cosmos
we share
& are

little one,
fellow traveler
in this space
first home &
last, guide me
into my

Li Yun Alvarado is the author of the chapbooks Words or Water and Nuyorico, CA. A poet and scholar, her work has appeared in Wise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education; The Acentos Review; PMS Poemmemoirstory; and Cura: A Literary Magazine of Art and Action, among others. She has served as the Senior Poetry Editor for Kweli Journaland is an alumna of VONA/Voices Writing Workshop and AROHO. Li Yun is a native New Yorker living in Long Beach, California who takes frequent trips to Salinas, Puerto Rico to visit la familia.

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