Author: Sherisa de Groot

Ten Questions for Renee Rutledge

What inspired you to tell this story?  My first novel, The Hour of Daydreams, was inspired by the questions I had after reading a Filipino folktale. Why would a woman marry a man who stole her wings? Why would she leave her daughter behind? Writing the novel was my process of uncovering the answers, to explore motivation and tell the story behind the story. For my first children’s book, One Hundred Percent Me, I wrote the story I wished I could have read to my own daughters when they were growing up, one that includes a character of mixed Asian and Latina heritage like them. When I became a mother, I repeatedly witnessed my daughters being asked the same questions about “what they are” or where they’re from. The main character in One Hundred Percent Me turns those questions on their head to say, “I’m from here; this city is just as much mine as yours; and I am myself and beautiful.” What did you edit out of this book? In writing the children’s book …


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