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i am the mother of a lion
i am grateful for . . . 
i am skeptical of . . .

i am the mother of judah 
praises be unto The Most High
fire burn anythang an’ anyone 

that does not recognize 
his mane
his tribe
he comes from royal bloodline

i have a difficult time
sending him
back to school 

this means him 
leaving me - his mother 
leaving HIM - his father

still we
send him 
off to unfamiliar place
hoping he
recognizes his face

the holiness 
that is 

kindergarten was
a box made of tape 
(designed by his teacher)
for him to sit in
when he could not 
be still 

i am the mother of a lion
i am no longer grateful 
i refuse to accept

the cage
the meetings
the politics/poly tricks
of school

i am the mother of a lion
you will honor
him as such

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Natasha Carrizosa is a poet, writer, and speaker. Her work is deeply rooted in her childhood and life experiences. Raised as the daughter of a fierce African-American mother and Mexican father, her writing reflects the dichotomy of these two rich cultures. She is author of mexiafricana, heavy light, and crown. Her work has recently been published in ¡Manteca! - an anthology of Afro-Latino poets and R2: The Rice Review (Rice University.) She has performed her work and conducted workshops for audiences in Madrid, Paris, St. Lucia, New York, Chicago, Houston and countless other cities. Her love for the arts inspired the creation of natty roots & rhyme - one of the most dynamic poetry open mics in the country. She teaches creative writing in Houston for WITS (Writers In The Schools.) Natasha also does work for CoolSpeak - a youth engagement company. She speaks, facilitates workshops, and inspires thousands of students around the country each year.