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Softness is your birthright 

Radical Softness
Than a bed 
After a walk on a summer’s day
Cooler than your water ice 
More on point 
Than faucet water out of a super soaker
Straight to the heart with a smile 
A radiant joy 
That makes you sit down and stay a while 
To shoot the breeze
And whisper down the lane
That change is coming 
What’s coming is change 
Rest is on its way
And I heard
It knows every Black Girl’s name 
It say change yo’ fit 
Take off your labor 
Your facade of hardness 
Try softness on for size 
Find you might like it 
And those that truly love you
Will love to see you in it

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Lee Scottlorde is a Poet, Health Justice Advocate, member of Get Healthy Philly’s Health Justice Leadership team, and Engagement Ambassador for Girltrek, the nation’s largest public health organization for Black Women and Girls. Lee is also the owner of Thriving Forward LLC - a wellness company that aims to lessen the impact of systemic oppression in the lives of womxn of color by providing wellness tools and safe spaces to unpack, heal, and grow.  Lee can be found on Instagram at @reclaimingourbreath and @raisingblackness.

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