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#rmselfcare Our first Self-Care Challenge

Raising Mothers Self Care Challenge September 13-30 Only on Instagram!

Every season I try to put together an activity for this community. The first one came in the form of our mama postcard swap. That was really successful so I wanted to try something new this time. It’s nice to be reminded of your right to exist and how valued you are simply for existing, but sometimes we have to really do the work.

Enter #rmselfcare

I can see this becoming a fixture of sorts over the years. Won’t you join us today as we kick it off on Instagram? How you participate is up to you, but it would be great if we all did the work in the public. It helps us to not feel so alienated and to gain that support we all really need. No reason to go it alone.

How it works:

Every weekday, starting today, until the end of September I will post a new prompt to the Raising Mothers Instagram account. There are no assignments on the weekends so you can spend time either catching up on previous posts or expanding deeper on a post. Plus, life. Work or kids or partners or just life does get in the way. I am giving space for that so that we are more inclined to stay the course.

There will be extras at the end of the challenge that will only be available to those on the mailing list. When you sign up, be sure to click the #rmselfcare button so I know to send your goodies to you.

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See you on the gram!