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The lamplight glistens on the new-fallen snow, it dusting the Bermuda blades like a rogue patisserie liberal with her sieve. Powdered perfection.

The dreamer wakes from a saccharine slumber into her own world of suspended disbelief. 

A childs wunder.

Where the imagination wanders.

GOOFY, nestled under the right arm, tethering her to the playroom. 

Left hand stretched out gleaning the surface of the window pane.

A Peter Pan moment.

Imploring. What magic did the night make as she as the Sugar Plum Fairy danced her pas de deux  with the Prince in her technicolor fantasy?

The evergreen tree harbored by the double panes shimmer with the twinkle lights of fairy smiles. 

Glistening ornaments whisper a kinder marchen.  

The Winter Snows brought to life by the magic of Christmas, the beauty of nature  —— an imaginarium encapsulated by Tchaikovskys score. 

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Kim-Ling Sun is a poet, writer, and educator. Her work is inspired by her life experience as beautifully blended mixed race Singaporean-Chinese American. Her latest poem "Dirt Spawn" appeared in the chapbook Faceless Brown Masses: A Blackout Response to Flatiron Books. She teaches Dual Credit English at a local high school in Houston, and was the 2018 recipient of the Outstanding Teaching of the Humanities Award in Texas. She also teaches creative writing workshops in the summer for WITS (Writers In The Schools) working with youth to develop their creativity and voice.