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What a Pretty Little Girl

Photo by Serrah Galos on Unsplash
What a Pretty Little Girl

What a pretty little girl, can I touch her 
hair? Pinch her cheeks?  Kiss her head?
Can I hold her? Kiss her tummy?
Make her laugh?

       Fingers tickle. 

it never ends

In the bathroom stall. On the playground.
In the yard. The water park. Behind the slide.

       Fingers fiddle.

less polite

In the pool, held under water, as grown-ups talk
stopped on a walk, say hello; swooped on his lap 
leg pushed & pressed on something hard as they chat.

But when momma asks, has anyone touched you 
there? Trapped in momma’s stare 
the pretty little girl is confused because every time 

she was there.


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Anacaona Rocio Milagro is a poet born, raised, and still living in New York City, Washington Heights. She is the mother of Nirvana Sky and Zion. Her father is from the Dominican Republic and her mother is from St. Thomas, The Virgin Islands. Daughter of Oshun but adopted by Yemaya. She earned an MFA in Poetry at NYU’s Low Residency program in Paris and an MPH at Columbia University. She earned a BA in Social Anthropology and Journalism/Creative Writing with a minor in Art from Baruch College. Her poems have been published in The BreakBeat Poets Anthology, Narrative Magazine, and LitHub, to name a few.